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Part II of why French women are so elegant

30 Jan

The look on this young Parisian woman’s face says to me, “Ugh, far too many glasses of red wine last night. And I’m still wearing my clothes from the night before.” Been there, done that….except I never looked that sheek after a long night out.

That being said, seeing ladies looking like this, roaming about Paris, fighting through a work day with little shut-eye inspires me to inject my closet with something exciting and new. I’ll keep you posted.

(Via Sartorialist)

West Elm gets it right

30 Jan

Sooooooo many companies have used Inaugural or Obama-campaign rhetoric to sell their products in the new year (IKEA’s “Embrace Change” campaign being first and foremost in my mind).

I left work this afternoon to grab a bite to eat around Metro Center and on my way back, I did a double take when I saw the above language on West Elm’s window. I found myself standing in the middle of the sidewalk smiling. There’s just something about the play on words that I really love, especially the “Oval or Otherwise” phrase. So cute.

A birthday gift wish

30 Jan

My birthday is in less than a month! 27 years old. I’m ready for it. Some of my friends are getting to that stage where they dread their next birthday but given that (a) we have no choice and (b) I prefer myself today much better than the person I was at say, 22, I think another year means another opportunity to get to know the core of myself…and be comfortable with it.

Another find from my new favorite site, 20×200! I would love, love, love this print for my birthday (shameless, I know!). The artist, Jennifer Sanchez, does really cool graphical paintings that I’m now a HUGE fan of. What do you think?

Time for a beach getaway

30 Jan

It’s been so long since I’ve been to a beach. If I could be whisked away to a warm part of this world for even 24 hours just to sit on the sand and dive into the sea water I would be one happy gal.

This picture is from my new favorite art/photography website, 20×200. Much of the art sold on this site starts at $20! (Hence, 20×200…..)

The photographer, Christian Chaize, will be selling this photo on 20×200 starting in February but you can pre-order it now. The image appears in the February issue of Domino magazine, which, if you didn’t know, is folding :( I know that many, many design bloggers are bummed about this news.

The French make it look so easy

28 Jan

If I could pull this outfit off, I’d do it in a heartbeat. What’s not to love? Slouchy pants by Lanvin, messy but sexy hair, killer Balenciaga heels….if only I was a French woman. They do it best.

(Via Le Fashion)

The injustice of the "digital divide"

27 Jan

Last night I had the pleasure of listening to one of my favorite reporters, Jose Antonio Vargas (3rd from left in the pic) of the Washington Post, speak at Johns Hopkins about internet technology in the ‘Obama age.’ While Joe Trippi, a fellow panelist at the event, spoke at length about what changes we can anticipate seeing at, it was Vargas’ eloquent and passionate remarks about the “digital divide” that grabbed a hold of me, leaving me pained, feeling like I’ve done nothing in my own life to address this problem.

John Edwards often said that there exists “two Americas” – the rich and the poor. But we rarely see, hear or discuss those who go without or carry on in life with very little. Our politicians are happy to talk about the middle class and its current woes in our sour economy, but what about the people living on welfare? What about the single mothers struggling to pay their rent, feed and dress their kids and get by on an hourly wage with no health insurance? Why aren’t we inserting them into our political discourse? Is it too tough a subject? Are we ashamed to admit that we don’t have the answers to their very serious, very real problems?

On a micro-level thinking of this gap, Vargas has been one of the few national reporters to cover the digital divide between the rich and the poor – “one that’s connected to high-speed Internet – socializing, paying bills, uploading debate questions to presidential candidates on YouTube – and one that’s not.”

Vargas accurately reported in 2008 that “in a presidential election that’s being fought as much online as off it” many candidates ignored this critical issue.

Studies have shown that closing the digital divide helps minimize other disparities, including education, health care, housing and economic opportunity.

So what should be done? It has been said before on TechPresident, and I’m throwing my support behind it 100%, that the Internet is a public good in the same way that we think of water and interstates. Our government should commit to providing wireless Internet access nationwide. I believe we can do it too. It’s not matter of “can we” it’s a matter of “will we.”

Look at Estonia! They declared internet access a basic human right, ahead of EU countries such as France and Italy. We have examples to look to for inspiration and guidance. The time is now.

No snow day??

27 Jan

I woke up this morning, peered out my window and saw this scene below me.

Yippeeeeee!!! Snow day in DC!! I texted my boss and a co-worker to confirm my excitement. I mean, come on – how many times do people below the Mason-Dixon line get a chance to frolic in a winter wonderland?

Unfortunately, my hopes were not meant to be matched today. I’m at work and yes, a tad grumpy about it. At least my lovely and hilarious neighbor, Patrice, couldn’t help but strike a pose at the bus stop this morning :) She made my day.

The Italian Mecca of DC

26 Jan

Have you ever wished that DC had the following – more olive oils to choose from than Italy, aisles and aisles of wine without pretentious employees hovering over your shoulder, a random type of pasta that only you love and no one knows about? If even one of those solicits a resounding “Yes!” please, please, please waste no more time; change your plans for this Saturday and go to A. Litteri in NE DC. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Talk about an adventure. As I mentioned last week, my Dad has been raving about this place for nearly a year now and I finally took him up on an offer to check out this small Italian grocer. You’re left to your own devices as soon as you walk in – customer service, they are not known for – but that’s the way I like it. I walked out with three kinds of pasta, a can of good tomatoes, two bottles of red wine, anchovies and pesto — before I thought I might lose all sense of moderation. After looking at their stock via the pictures, when’s your next trip? Count me in.

I love living in the city but…

24 Jan

Don’t these pictures make you want a dog and a small plot by the ocean?

(Via Small Stump)

Meryl Streep is my idol

24 Jan

Nobody gets better with age than Meryl Streep (ok…except for maybe Cate Blanchett and my Mom).

This scene in Out of Africa may be the sexiest non-shower shower scene ever.



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